Examples of Dr. Wilson’s work over the past 24 months:

  • Each of three large homebuilders bring Dr. Wilson in on a quarterly basis to meet with their senior team. The CEO and Dr. Wilson work together to prepare strategic questions for each meeting based on a leadership framework developed by Dr. Wilson.  The CEOs trust Doug to facilitate each topic on the agenda, ask tough questions, think out of the box, raise sensitive issues, and engage the entire team.

  • A large food manufacturer and distribution company worked with Doug to facilitate the strategic direction of a key component of their business. The CEO gave Doug the freedom to interview people in advance and prepare an important strategy session for the team. The result was a significant acceleration of the company’s strategic direction in this important area of the business and the ability to execute with higher quality results.  

  • A multi-billion dollar software company brought Dr. Wilson in to work out a design for enhancing team performance within the entire company. There was a need for deeper cross-functional cooperation to accelerate both creativity and speed in a complex matrixed organization. A tool called Your Style of Influence, co-authored by Dr. Wilson and in wide use today, was instrumental in the process.  Dr. Wilson started at the very top where the process was tested, providing excellent results. From there, Doug and his team implemented performance improvement throughout the entire company. 
  • Dr. Wilson, in partnership with The Center for Higher Ambition, is bringing together multi-billion dollar, purpose driven companies from Orange County to learn from each other. The CEO of each company has the opportunity to learn from other CEOs and to also learn what the Center for Higher Ambition is doing to build companies that deliver both high economic value and high social impact.    

Clients Served by Next Solutions

The focus of Next Solutions is not so much by industry as it is by the aspiration of the CEO.  If the CEO is both aspirational about making money and making a social impact, then it is a good match to work with Dr. Wilson and the resources he brings to a senior team. The deepest area of expertise for Dr. Wilson is production homebuilding and large land development companies. Why? Because through referrals, this is where he has worked consistently with multiple CEOs and boards to build superior economic and social value. Additionally, Dr. Wilson regularly cuts across multiple industries and makes a point of not getting locked into any one industry because he has learned the freshest thinking and best ideas only come by being exposed creatively to multiple points of view. His job is not to be an expert on a single industry but rather be an expert on the best ideas and practices in the business community today to create superior long term value.

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About Doug

Dr. Douglas A. Wilson is the CEO of Next Solutions, Inc. He is a leader in facilitating the development of purpose driven companies―a noted speaker, writer and New York Times best selling author.  He is an Executive Fellow at the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership.  

Doug has worked with a variety of industries and has focused particularly on the alignment between purpose,  strategy, and execution.  He works with CEO's and senior teams who want to live out a values based approach, making a significant difference, not only for the shareholders, but for the many stakeholders a company can touch, including the communities where the employees live and work.  

Doug has a Ph.D. in counseling and practiced at the beginning of his career as a clinical psychologist.  He taught part time at the USC Graduate School of Business in organizational behavior and worked also with the Maccoby Group in Washington D.C.   He has a masters in theology, so he integrates into his work what he calls moral intelligence - the ability to implement sound moral reasoning in a complex organization.  Doug has two adult children and is married to Karen, his most important partner. Both Doug and Karen have a passion for just about anything that is outdoors, including surfing, snow boarding, mountain biking, hiking, and stand up paddle surfing.

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Douglas A. Wilson, Ph.D.

CEO, Next Solutions, Inc. 1998-Current
We build people, we build companies, we build communities. If we can't add significant value, we are not satisfied.

Executive Fellow:  The Center for Higher Ambition Leadershiip, Boston.  2014 - Current.  
The Center was founded by a group of Harvard Business School professors, thought leaders, and Fortune 500 CEO's who want to restore the belief that business is in fact designed to do both well and good in our society.  The Center seeks out leaders who model exceptional abilities at engaging all key stakeholders with a compelling purpose that has both an economic benefit and social impact. Doug and a small team are starting a West Coast CEO Higher Ambition Group designed to accelerate learning across these companies.   The Center will work with the companies to document their results with disciplined research and then amplify postive outcomes through business publications such as the Harvard Business Review and Strategy and Business.   

Partner and Founder, iDynamx 2006-Current
Doug is the author of Your Style of Influence, which is an assessment instrument used to build high performing teams. The test is used extensively today in Fortune 500 companies around the world and is administered by iDynamx.

Chairman and Majority Owner, Townhall.com 2005-2009
When sold to Salem Communications, Townhall.com was one of the top 500 websites in the entire US

Ph.D., Counseling
University of North Texas

Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary

B.A., Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas

New York Times Best Selling Author and Contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur,  and multiple trade magazines.