Home Builders
We have a 30 year history of working with both public and private builders.
The business model of the past is not the business model of the future. We help clients design the future and work toward it. If a builder already knows where they want to go, but needs help in execution, particularly in building an aligned and powerful culture, we are one of the best resources out there.

Read an article on Doug's Grandfather: A Tradition of Built to Last in Homebuilding

Health Care
Doug has worked in skilled nursing and also with large integrated medical centers.  He was part of a team funded by the Robert Wood Foundation to study best practices in the top integrated medical centers of the U.S.  

Next Solutions cuts across industries. Our objective is to bring "fresh eyes."
We have worked with Toyota, Ford, Intuit, Digital Insight (a software company), Scripps Health, other multiple large non-profits, McDonalds, credit unions, and insurance companies. We always work at the top of the organization and help facilitate the outcomes desired.

What They're Saying

"Working with Douglas A. Wilson opened my eyes to a whole new way of managing. I have more time and I'm making more money".

"Doug and his team helped us develop a stategy that took us from $50MM in revenue to $500MM in revenue.  He provided just the right coaching at just the right time." 

"Doug more than anything helped us see the opportunity for growth and then helped us work through some difficult team dynamics to achieve alignement."

"Doug is like a miracle worker.  As the CEO, I was about ready to loose a key person because of conflict on the team.  Doug set up a coaching process and very quickly got the conflict resolved."  

"Doug not only made us a lot of money, he brought new meaning to the work we are doing.  He helped us figure out how we can do well and do good.  I can't recommend him enough."

"Douglas A. Wilson helped facilitate a difficult transition for our company and has great skills in linking strategy with culture."

"In the twenty-five years I worked as the clinical leader of a major health care organization, I learned more from Doug Wilson than any other outside resource."