The SOI (Style of Influence)

Developed by Douglas A. Wilson and Gene Getz, the tool is widely used in Fortune 500 companies and is run as a separate organization called Idynamx in Plano, Texas. 

A Style of Influence is the convergence of personal, relational, and organizational life dynamics.
It is not a measurement of what you know or what you believe, but how you will act… it is best defined as 'inherent traits that motivate actions'.

To identify and understand your unique "Style", the Style of Influence Assessment surveys four key behaviors that are consistent indicators of how you go about influencing people.  

The "You and Your Style" Report presents a framework that defines what people need or desire in a team setting. The results bring greater understanding and the possibility that communication, from one team member to another, becomes more effective. The insights gained from the "You and Your Style" report help an individual to realize a joyful, productive role in life. At the same time, the team learns how to optimize each other's performance by appealing to the best strengths of each member of the team.  City Bank, Intuit, and many other top organizations use the SOI as a staple in their team development work.  

Please visit TheSOI.com to learn more.